• The Bridges of Dublin, a first and bold demonstration of LED lighting
  • Choosing LED lighting for its power and consistency

The Bridges of Dublin, a first and bold demonstration of LED lighting

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As it celebrates its 40th birthday, LEC looks back at its contribution to lighting with Duilio Passariello and the illumination of the Bridges of Dublin with LED lights.

“In 1999, Duilio Passariello changed the course of destiny by illuminating the 680 metres of railing that lined the bridges of Dublin with LEDs normally used for marking.”

Jean-Pierre VALANCOGNE, President of LEC

Duilio Passariello, an indisputable pioneer in LED lighting

In Ireland, the bridges of Dublin by Duilio Passariello was a logic-defying and audacious piece of work, on top of being a first for LED lighting.

Duilio Passariello recalls his collaboration with LEC

"My idea was to showcase the 10 railings with LED strips to create a constant line of lighting.

I wanted a golden light to artistically highlight the areas in stone. This forgotten classic of architectural embellishment is inherited from the Renaissance era, where gold leaf was used to increase the value of an item.

For the Bridges of Dublin, my idea was to utilise up lighting on the railings with LEC strips. I thought a lot before realising that the size and power of LEDs was perfect.

Jean-Pierre Valancogne lent me a 30-cm segment of LED that we tested…and it worked immediately! The test was so conclusive that we extended the installation across the whole 680 metres."

Building a LED lighting system that is both made to measure and avant-garde

"Following the test, we designed a system with LEC to fit and protect the strips. We were ahead of our time and I remember that our innovative technology was completely mind-boggling for the fitters…

Jean-Pierre Valancogne was one of the rare manufacturers to understand the challenge at the time.”

Duilio Passariello, Lighting Designer

We were proud of our innovation and managed to complete the project by adapting the strips that were originally designed for marking.

We carried out some trailblazing engineering to fit the strips, using steel structures that are still standing today."

An elegant demonstration of LED lighting since 1999

"The end result exceeded my expectations. The look was even better than I imagined.

I am delighted to have been part of this spectacle, and to see the bright and elegant railings still in use today. It is one of the rare LED lighting projects that is still working after 18 years, with zero maintenance from the city of Dublin.

It is a night-time showcase for which we chose very specific elements, including golden light instead of gold leaf."

In 2012, Duilio Passariello spoke at the SIL Forum in Milan, explaining that the installation still worked despite being threats from the natural elements. He also expressed his recognition for LEC’s contribution to the project.


Did you know?
In 1977, LEC decided to focus all its attention on LED technology. These decades of dedicated expertise have allowed the company to meet strict requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency, maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Relive with us 40 historic years devoted to LED technology and the lighting industry.