• Integrated disability lighting
  • Pedestrian walkway with wall projectors 4240-Havre and linear handrails, Caluire Saint-Clair
  • Promenade in Paray-le-Monial
  • Place du Cheval Rouge in Orléans with 6430-Parc LED bollards
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Integrated disability lighting

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Compliance with disability lighting regulations for handrails, walls and low-voltage services. 
Guide to LEC products and applications:

Integrated in handrail 

When lighting a walkway, bridge or stairs, the unit should ideally be integrated into the architecture. This means an LED striplight in the handrail. This can be installed in two ways to meet disability lighting requirements.

Continuous strip

LEC striplights can be embedded in a handrail. They can also be used to underlight architectural features. As, for example, the 5620 – Brunei light bar.

Customized presence lighting

Presence lighting uses 5630 - Belval light bars. It lights up pedestrian walkways in areas governed by disability regulations.
The beam for disability lighting must be between 25 and 80 mm in diameter.
LEC has designed a special stainless steel unit - 5682-School light - to house glare-free 5640-School projectors.


Integrated into walls

This is ideal for spotlights lining a low wall, sidewalk, curb or pavement. The key is finding the right lens to meet disability regulation requirements.

In a wall, the lights can protrude (4240 - Havre) or lie flush. Architects prefer the flush option as it does not create obstacles. It is also more vandalproof. 


Embedded wall spotlight

Although the most effective location is about 90 cm above ground, there are also many cases in which 20 cm above ground also works. What is key is to use lights with beams can be swivelled to achieve the best lighting for the actual site. 

The 4330 - Saint-Jean flush spotlight is designed for a wall 25 to 100 cm above ground. It has special lenses that can light a pedestrian walkway or cycle path with large intervals. The beam can be swivelled without opening the unit or disturbing its seal to get the desired lighting effect. An ideal solution for high-requirement, uniform lighting despite widely-spaced light sources. It is also permits close cost-management.

Integrated terminals

Our connected terminals allow you to create an integrated environment that includes parks and paths.

Our 6430 - Parc terminals, at 5m intervals, meet the 3m disability requirements. They have swivellable spotlights with the same special lens as the flush 4330. The swivel feature lets you cover large spans between units.