• Integrating LEDs into street furniture
  • Artists' alleyway in Belgium / Stavanger footbridge in Norway
  • The pedestrian crossings of Saint Cyprien / A way of light to the Taj Mahal
  • The lanterns of the brige Pont des Amours in Annecy / The masts of the Boulevard de la Seille in Metz
Lighting techniques

Integrating LEDs into street furniture

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A look on the possibilities of integrating LEDs into street furniture. Our solutions for exterior lighting in cities combine performance, safety and embellishment. 

LED lights can be integrated into street furniture in numerous ways. They offer a use of light sources which is adapted to a human rhythm, thereby embellishing as well as securing the city, as our references for LEC in cities prove.

LED and street furniture – an integrated lighting solution

Creative, flexible, safe, versatile and economical – there are plenty of benefits to integrating exterior LED lighting into street furniture.

More freedom in lighting concepts

  • thanks to the miniaturization of LED lights it is becoming much easier to integrate them into objects of the most various shapes, as typically used for street furniture ;
  • LEDs can be placed at specific points or distributed to find the optimum balance between lighting result and reduced visual impact ;
  • there are various shades of LED lights to meet all possible needs, with a wide range of whites and fixed or changeable colours ;
  • it is possible to actually direct the light in order to combine user comfort and lighting efficacy, thereby reducing light pollution in cities ;
  • finally, control electronics are getting more and more compact and intelligent, with the possibility of controlling lights remotely or on site.

Versatile in use

  • LED lights can be used in various ways, from marking to engineered structures by way of functional lighting at levels complying with the standard for lighting EN 13201 ;
  • at a low power range, there are fewer constraints due to cabling, in favour of an installation that serves the embellishing of a city using lighting.

Safe lighting

  • the low tension of LEDs guarantees perfect safety for users in an urban environment
  • the same goes for its low thermal output, which reduces fire hazards and risk of burns

Saving on all levels

While being functional and artistic, exterior LED lighting can minimize costs thanks to the following characteristics:

  • its reliable sturdiness, resisting shocks and vibrations
  • its exceptional service life that limits service down-times and replacement costs
  • its excellent output and different possibilities of controlling it, which contribute to the reduction of electricity consumption 

LEC in the city: some references for street furniture

For the benefit of lighting concept creativity and all our specifiers, LEC solutions are integrated into different applications of street furniture, in France and around the world.

Functional and pleasing handrails 

In 2013, the town of Soignies in Belgium illuminated the “Artists' alleyway”, a historic little street: 10 bars of LEC Belval-5630 were integrated into the handrail. To achieve a particular symbolism, the metal brackets were shaped like the hat of a court jester.

In 2016, the town of Stavanger in Norway wanted an exterior lighting equipment that is sustainable and resistant to extreme conditions in a saline environment to illuminate a highly frequented footbridge. For this purpose, the linear projector School-light-5640 was integrated into the handrail of about 44 metres in length. 

    Artists' alleyway in Belgium / Stavanger footbridge in Norway

Railing and safety rods 

The pedestrian crossings of Saint Cyprien: marked and secured since 2014 with Bourgogne-1750 projectors, embedded in the base of the rods. They offer innovative and safe signing to the users, established along the whole width of the crossing by two blue lines, marking the obstacle from afar.

In 2016, LEC contributed to the illumination of the way to the Taj Mahal: along a length of 2.5km, 700 projectors Chateauneuf-1570 are installed at 0.5m above ground in stone bollards. They allow for efficient lighting without blinding the passers-by nor directing light at the surrounding vegetation.

The pedestrian crossings of Saint Cyprien / A way of light to the Taj Mahal

Streetlamps and remotely controlled bollard lights

Since 2016 the Pont des Amours (Lovers' bridge) in Annecy is illuminated by products specially integrated into four stylistic streetlights that are positioned on each of the two sides of this engineering structure. Controlled using DMX, they assure a functional and varied lighting adaptable to one’s taste and the changing of the seasons.

In 2013, the street furniture of the Boulevard de la Seille in Metz was equipped with masts, each decorated with five luminous LED rings made to measure, which can be programmed independently in four colours

The lanterns of the brige Pont des Amours in Annecy / The masts of the Boulevard de la Seille in Metz

You are managing a design project for light and illumination in your city? Consult a LEC expert near you to find solutions integrated into street furniture.