• The Bonifacio Citadel, large-scale quadrichromy with an LED control system

The Bonifacio Citadel, large-scale quadrichromy with an LED control system

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On its 40th anniversary, LEC looks back on its contribution to lighting with Régis Clouzet: the Bonifacio citadel, a pioneering project in quadrichromy .

« We are very amazed by the result: the stone is softly backlit along the whole length of the bastion. »

Régis Clouzet - Lighting Designer


In 2015, Bonifacio dreamt of being Corsica’s ‘City of Lights’. To achieve its dream, it decided to showcase its magnificent medieval citadel which attracts 1.8 million visitors each summer.

Régis Clouzet explains how he succeeded in illuminating the entire Bonifacio Citadel, which had never been done before.

Régis Clouzet recalls his collaboration with LEC

I knew the city of Bonifacio like the back of my hand, and I knew there would be a plan to light the citadel. When I replied to the tender, we had just completed the Saint-Jean Fort in Marseille with LEC. This collaboration on a similar project surely caught the attention of the board.

What appealed to me from the start was giving a visual continuity to this long stone ribbon that is the Bonifacio Citadel. I wanted to bring to life the differences in materials and highlight the various details of this majestic site.

The stakes were huge because this had never been done to a satisfactory standard. The main obstacle was the long central slope, the Montée Saint Roch, for which no technical solution had been found.


Illuminating the Montée Saint Roch in Bonifacio, a challenge finally overcome.

Using quadrichromy for a spectacle that evolves all year round

My design lies somewhere between longevity and performance. I wanted to create a strong or soft light, depending on the season, using quadrichromy and a control system.

Moreover, the visitor must play a part and participate in the project, and not just stay on the port. The idea is to draw attention to the fort, so they experience the Bonifacio Citadel from a new angle.

We decided to use a path of light to invent a new three-dimensional effect for this majestic site, like a light ladder that guides viewers from the marina to the upper town.

An ambitious use of LED quadrichromy

We wanted precise colour changes and to create different qualities of white throughout the year. To highlight the stone’s quality and colour, we chose a quadrichromatic projection to have the widest spectrum possible.

I knew that any good manufacturer was pretty much capable of making that colour, but it was difficult to get the white tones to illuminate the stone. Yet, LEC achieved just that thanks to their ability to adapt their creations to our specific needs.


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