• Catenary LED lighting in Lyon
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Catenary LED lighting in Lyon

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The City of Lyon offers an overhead catenary LED lighting on Joséphin Soulary street in Lyon.

Interview with Jérôme Donna, Public Lighting Department of the City of Lyon, in charge of the project:

« Our aim was to create a special lighting environment which not only lights the pedestrian route but also offers a panoramic view on the city.

At daytime, we had to have the most discreet lighting possible to avoid spoiling this stunning view on the city. This was achieved with catenary LED lanterns that are perfectly integrated within their environment. 

At night, we wanted to create a string of light to guide the user along the way, whilst at the same time, providing both a true visual comfort, as well as uniformed light coverage on the whole length of the street.

We had to choose a linear luminaire suited to the site architecture, and obtain optics that would light up the length of the street with no breach in between.
The end result has more than met our expectations and provides a good uniformity coverage in terms of illuminance.  

LEC's main strength on this project has been their flexibility to adapt to our on-site constraints by providing a special technical response to the following requirements:     

  • First, LEC provided an L2 optic which met our need for uniformed lighting effect for the whole length of the street
  • Second, a special electrical solution, which created this string of light, by the grouping of 2 cables into 1. »

To light up Joséphin Soulary street, 48 LED projectors 5533-Soulary were installed on a 470 meters-long cable.

The lighting provides a dimming system to accomodate the amount of light needed by residents.