• Supporting lighting designers’ creativity with tailor-made LED solutions
  • Supporting lighting designers’ creativity
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Supporting lighting designers’ creativity with tailor-made LED solutions

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At the heart of our commitment and LED solutions for 40 years has been an unfailing support for the lighting designer profession. 

Supporting the creativity of lighting designers has been at the centre of LEC’s work for over 40 years. Our teams have collaborated with LED project leaders and light artists throughout the world, always striving to provide tailor-made solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs. A look back on the rich partnerships revolving around lighting design and technical progress. 

Lighting designer and conception: the support of tailor-made LED solutions

Working both with the functional and emotional aspect of light, a lighting designer must be able to make their creative vision a reality using a technical installation capable of reproducing the look and feel of his/her light concept. 

Many of the LED projects to which we have contributed stand out thanks to the lighting designer’s incredible vision. So, when Thierry Walger designs an illuminated route that flows along the river Loue in Ornans, or when Régis Clouzet creates a ladder of light to showcase the Bonifacio Citadel, our task is to provide tailor-made LED solutions that bring their creative efforts to life. 

This year marks 40 years that we have been focused on the needs of lighting designers, being a resourceful supply for their projects and demonstrating flexibility to meet their artistic and technical demands and specifications.

Lighting designer, a profession spearheading the LED lighting sector

To support the creativity of lighting designers and artists, we must also create customised technical installations which are in keeping with their avant-garde initiative and which pioneer the industry.

Over the years, we have been at the forefront of LED’s technical evolution on the international stage:  

  • In 1999, Duilio Passariello designed an LED gold leaf to light up the railings of Dublin’s bridges. The avant-garde project utilised strips originally designed for marking.

  • In 2004, Alberto Van Zeller clothed Portugal’s Palacio de Monserrate in light. An incredible application of powerful LED luminaires with adapted casings and high lumen output.

  • In 2014, Roger Narboni breathed some new life into the covered path of Rue Robert de Flers in Paris. The design was based around an innovative chronobiological LED concept that required a specifically adapted quadrichromatic control system to alter the light according to a circadian rhythm. 

  • In 2016, Guillaume Jéol chose a 100%-LED solution to emblazen the Hausmannian façades of rue de la République in Lyon. The risk was a bold one and needed optics with custom-built photometry and lumen output.

Our support for lighting designers continues… 

The LEC catalogue of tailor-made LED solutions is constantly evolving so that we can continue supporting lighting design with apt installations.

We offer flexible products that can fit the unique needs of our experts’ designs and the real-life lighting conditions:

  • 5 white colour temperatures, from a very warm 2200 K white to cold white;

  • 3 shades of blue, from turquoise blue to royal blue;

  • 1 large range of optics, adaptable to even the most demanding of specifications.

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