• Saving energy and LED control: a winning combo
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Saving energy and LED control: a winning combo

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Everyone knows that LEDs is synonymous with saving energy. But did you know that this saving could reach up to 80% if you use LED control? 


LEDs boast several properties that enable them to save energy. In addition to their amazing lumen output  and the ease at which they direct and diffuse light, they also have a natural ability to maintain colour when the light intensity varies. And less light means less energy.

In lighting, varying light intensity is known as dimming. This type of LED control is a highly effective way to minimise electricity consumption.

How to save more energy through LED control?

There are several ways to save energy by LED control. Dimming is instantaneous and the colour luminosity (chrominance) can be precisely configured between 0 and 100%.

You can also control LEDs specifically for night-time urban lighting. For example, combined with a light detector and astrological clock, you can programme full light until midnight, 10% until 5am and then back to 100% afterwards. Doing so improves safety, energy efficiency and the user experience.

According to Light saver, a consortium of large international cities, converting to LED lights cuts energy bills for public lighting in half. Controlling LEDs to vary light intensity  in certain areas, or upon the detection of movement, could  increase these energy savings to up to 80%  !

How to save more energy through LED control

A LED control system installed by LEC on the Passerelle de La Paix footbridge in Lyon

Why do LEDs and control systems work so well together? 

Because they are from the same electronic universe, meaning coupling LED lights with control circuits is rather easy. Furthermore, LEDs are easily integrated, even into relatively old control systems. So no need for a complete overhaul!

No colour deviation, no warm-up time, no flickering, and a quick changeover. LED control saves energy while also increasing longevity. An LED used in conjunction with a control system will last much longer because it consumes as little power as possible.

LED controls systems by LEC Lyon: innovation, optimisation & saving

At LEC, we are constantly improving our innovative control systems. We provide LED control systems  and accessories that can be managed on site (manually, by DMX console or PC) or remotely via a web interface or over WiFi.

Compatible with motion and light detectors, our solutions allow for lighting to be turned on, off or dimmed without any loss of service. If needed, the light can be set to 100% power with a moment’s notice.

Our innovation-driven approach means our LED light solutions provide better user experience, safety and energy savings. That is our vision of sustainable development.

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