• Rue Robert de Flers, chronobiological lighting that adapts to a circadian rhythm
  • Controlling LEDs 24/7 thanks to chronobiological lighting

Rue Robert de Flers, chronobiological lighting that adapts to a circadian rhythm

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On its 40th anniversary, LEC looks back at its contribution to lighting with Roger Narboni: rue Robert de Flers in Paris, revitalised thanks to chronobiological lighting.

« It’s a revolutionary project, because it repurposes a quadrichromatic control system to develop a new process: chronobiological lighting. »

Roger Narboni - Lighting Designer


In charge of Paris’s lighting strategy with Evesa, Roger Narboni trusted his audacity to regenerate one of the French capital’s streets, rue Robert de Flers in 2014. His use of chronobiological lighting to design an environment that flowed with nature was a bold and innovative choice.

The result is LEDs and colours that change depending on the time of day, creating either an energising or calming ambiance, without the human eye even noticing...

Roger Narboni recalls his collaboration with LEC

Rue Robert de Flers is an underground street built in the 1970/80s. The City of Paris asked us to reinvent its ambiance and showcase the public property, so we proposed an original concept by playing with organic rhythms and utilising the latest advances in neuroscience.

We started working on precise LED colour variations at 3 times of the day:

  1. Morning: the concrete paving slabs are lit in sky blue for its stimulating, awakening properties;
  2. Midday: lighting becomes turquoise and zen;

  3. Night-time: it turns to a warm white for a soft and calming atmosphere.

Rue Robert de Flers : a first in outdoor lighting using circadian rhythms.

Lighting fully customised from colour to controls

LEC supported us on this passionate adventure from start to finish. They provided us with bespoke spotlights in terms of the LED composition, colour range and optics.

Lastly, we needed to control the luminaires at a very slow pace, then combine them to create various ambiances in a way that was imperceptible to passers-by.

Rue Robert de Flers: magical lighting

Our goal was clear: we wanted to create the most fitting colours for the time of day. These colours had to be as natural as possible and not simply for decoration.

The result is truly magical, because we have a subtle light similar to daylight and concrete vaults that appear to emerge.

We even had the honour of being the subject of an article written by a Financial Times journalist who visited Paris. He was simply amazed by rue Robert de Flers at night 

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