• Night-time urban safety: our customised LED marker-lights
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Night-time urban safety: our customised LED marker-lights

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The expert in customised LED marker-lights, LEC provides cities with efficient and durable lighting solutions that improve safety in urban environments.

In addition to improving night-time safety, city authorities need lighting that is also energy-efficient, visually pleasing and eco-friendly. Since 1977, LEC has been offering customised LED marker-lights that fit all these requirements.

Customised LED marker-lights to improve night-time urban safety

LED experts with 40 years’ experience, LEC helps municipalities achieve their night-time urban safety plan objectives. Our customised LED solutions are long-lasting and efficient, specifically adapted to the needs of our customers and focused on public safety and well-being.

Our ranges of in-ground luminaires for pavement kerbs are perfect for improving public safety through light marking :

  1. Our 1836-Ville de Paris LED marker-light are installed into the kerb to light up roads.

    They have been used Le Lavandou,on the French Rivieria, to improve safety along a street that is extremely busy during summer nights and where poles are not feasible. In the French Indies, Saint-Pierre and in Nîmes, our 1836-Ville de Paris LED marker-light are used to illuminate public transport lanes.

  2. Our 1832-Angouleme LED marker-light are used to mark traffic islands and roundabouts.

    At the Ollioules roundabout in Faveyrolles, our customised LED marker-light help signal the correct direction for traffic. The Place Wallis roundabout in Luxembourg is indicated using our 1832-Angouleme LED marker-light, box-mounted especially upon request.

Efficient, long-lasting LED solutions for urban marking

Our projectors and marker LEDs offer cities an efficient and durable solution to urban lighting that helps save energy and contributes to sustainable development efforts.

LEDs have several advantages for improving night-time urban safety:

  • Instant lighting, dimmable and directional: they can be adapted to all types of installation and needs.
  • Efficient, robust and safe: they minimise maintenance and service down-time.
  • Durable, unharmful and economical: they contribute to the city’s ecological transition and reduce light pollution.

Check out our range of customised LED marker-lights for pavement kerbs and our projects for French and international clients.

Do you want to improve night-time safety in your city through light marking? Request a call-back from an LEC representative.