• Lyon reduces its fountains’ energy bills
  • Fountain Celestins, Lyon
  • Fountain Jacobins, Lyon
  • Fountain Louis Pradel, Lyon
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Lyon reduces its fountains’ energy bills

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In the heart of Lyon city centre, five fountains are illuminated by LED. Entirely fitted with LEC lamps, they provide a magical water-lighting effect for locals and tourists alike:


Energy savings achieved

  • République : 32,000 kW/h annual savings, reducing bills to 1/9th of what it was.
  • Célestins : 4,222 kW/h annual savings, reducing bills to 1/3rd.
  • Maréchal Lyautey : 5,400 kW/h annual savings, reducing bills to 1/43rd.
  • Louis Pradel : 12,755 kW/h annual savings, reducing bills to 1/6th.

Figures provided by the City of Lyon.

Submersible LEC luminaires

LEC offers a wide range of lighting solutions, ideally suited to the constraints of public fountains. In Lyon, two sizes of submersible spotlights – powerful, economical and very longlife – have been installed:

4022X  Luminy 2



Technical constraints of fountains

Public fountains expose lamps to three major hazards in particular: water, furring and vandalism.

LEC submersible spotlights use the latest technology to withstand this tough environment:

  • IP68 certification, a protection index for continuously immersed luminaires
  • IK10 robustness (20 joules strength) thanks to a vandalproof window
  • Special stainless steel coating to withstand aggressive fountain chemicals (chlorine, bleach, acid, water-softener, etc)
  • Thermal protection to withstand temperature fluctuations, the spotlights automatically turn off if overheating.

LEC also supports sustainable development. The company is ISO 14001 certified for its Environmental Management System relating to the manufacturing and sale of LED lights and product design in accordance with ISO/TR 14062.