• Lighting facades or walls of great heights
  • Cathedral Saint-Pierre, Montpellier
  • Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille
  • Place du Peyrou, Montpellier
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Lighting facades or walls of great heights

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The spectacular evolution of LED performances now allows to light walls and facades of great heights up to 50 meters high, using the "wall washing" techniques.

For "Wall-washing", LEC uses a projector equipped with a suitable optic. The luminaire is fixed near the wall to light and its light beam is adjusted accordingly to obtain the desired lighting result.

An in-ground recessed projector that offer a uniform lighting all over a wall 

  • It meets with the standards in force and can be adjusted without s adjustable withIl doit alors répondre à la norme et être réglable sans que ce réglage remette en cause son étanchéité.
  • Whether it is linear or round-shaped, the luminaire is equipped with 2 sided-plates, one lighting up the bottom of the wall, the other lighting up the top. 
  • The luminaire is equipped with a sufficent number of LEDs to obtain the desired result. 

LEC offers suitable optics aimed at wall washing lighting. They are integrated within the below in-ground recessed luminaires:

  •  5760-Passy : an adjustable waterproof LED projector


  • 5727-Alicante : a 2-plates round projector with one plate lighting the bottom of the wall, the other lighting up the top.  



Other wall lights fittings allowing a wall washing application:


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