• Facade and wall-washing
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Facade and wall-washing

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Light and facades:

Enhancing heritage through a night creative response

Embellishing cities is in constant growth where towns and cities strive to imagine ways of enhancing their heritage.

Illuminating front buidlings with light, whether it is on a facade or on an architectural feature, has become an answer to enhancing heritage.

Lighting designers, architects, artists... all are creators of emotion and life through light. They bring a powerful and creative response to the need of embellishement, and create attractivness with night illuminations. 

In mixing colours, optics, light beams...these light magicians design works of art that are static and/or animated.

They design lighting projects that are as discreet, in terms of light fitting dimensions, design, number of luminaires used as environmental-friendly, in terms of used materials, energy efficiency savings.

To meet with these several stakes, LEC offers a range of LED projectors and linears, embedded or   vous propose une gamme de projecteurs et linéaires à LED, encastrés ou en applique, utilisés pour l'éclairage de façades et murs de grande hauteur, pouvant atteindre jusqu'à 50 mètres de haut.