• Brexit: what does the future hold for LED outdoor lighting?
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Brexit: what does the future hold for LED outdoor lighting?

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Almost 7 months after its historic vote, Brexit has finally been triggered. But what are the consequences for LED outdoor lighting standards?

On 17th January 2017, Theresa May, the British prime minister, finally detailed her roadmap for the country’s exit from the European Union. In her speech at Lancaster House, she vowed a ‘hard’ Brexit with a ‘clean’ break.

Ever since, British architects, lighting designers and manufacturers have been trying to predict what effects Brexit will have on the production of LED public lighting and the industry, as well as its impact on renewable energy and sustainable development.

LED technology experts for 40 years, LEC is on high alert and intends to further increase its efforts in making the lighting industry more environmentally sustainable.

Brexit and LED outdoor lighting: a step backwards?

British professionals in the public lighting industry not only fear the negative changes on luminaire standards and regulations, but also on the future of companies and their projects, both in the country and abroad.

For Brexiteers the equation is simple: they want current regulations to be relaxed, but it should not be at the expense of those that enforce an eco-friendly and economic use of LEDs.

British designers and makers have several international talents in their teams, but also export their expertise throughout Europe. The same goes for lighting products, which are freely traded today, but could fall victim to significant price fluctuations.

Working together to save the LED outdoor lighting sector

The LIA — Lighting Industry Association — has called for caution when predicting the future of LED technology and the outdoor lighting sector. It believes that the exit from the EU will come in stages and that the country will still be subject to European regulations. In a similar vein, RIBA — the Royal Institute of British Architects — insists on the fact that the consequences of Brexit and changes in lighting standards are still unknown.

Overall, the various unions are all outspoken in their desire to work together and with the government in the interest of the numerous outdoor lighting professions, in the UK and other European countries.

Patience is therefore needed, on both sides of the Channel. And we must rely on dialogue between the industry, the British government and the European courts to understand the impact on trade between the UK and its European partners.

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