• Montpellier’s Court House (Palais de Justice), harmony between lighting designer and LED manufacturer
  • Montpellier’s Court House (Palais de Justice) with LED spotlights Montpellier’s Court House (Palais de Justice) with LED spotlights

Montpellier’s Court House (Palais de Justice), harmony between lighting designer and LED manufacturer

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On its 40th anniversary, LEC looks back on its contribution to lighting with Sylvie Sieg: Montpellier’s Palais de Justice, an alliance revolving around LED.

« Such a perfect solution can only be found through two-way conversation and 100% synergy. »

Sylvie Sieg - Lighting Designer


As Sylvie Sieg puts it in her own words, illuminating the Court House (Palais de Justice) in Montpellier was “a union between lighting designer and expert, more than just a business transaction”. She recounts her close partnership with Florence, her LEC project manager.

Sylvie Sieg recalls her collaboration with LEC

The original idea was to light up very specific parts of the building by playing with splashes of light on some of the architecture’s structural elements.

First of all, I had to bring out the entrance to Montpellier’s Court House (Palais de Justice) on several successive planes.

With LEC, we illuminated the pediment, the two statues under the porch and the steps. All that, in addition to the columns, intended to create a blanket of light that flowed down the stairs until the railing, restoring the building’s full proportions without smothering it with light.


The Palais de Justice in Montpellier: selective architectural illumination

A trial night to check the LED equipment’s suitability

As the architecture was protected, I needed very small LED spotlights that were invisible during the day. We conducted a few tests to find the right optic and I was surprised to see that such a small luminaire could light up the steps…

To illuminate the base of the columns, we quickly found the appropriate size, fitting and power because I already knew LEC’s spotlights and configurations.

With Florence’s advice and knowledge, we only needed a single trial night to achieve what I had in mind.

A constantly adapting partnership

I couldn’t have found better adapted LED products.

The tailor-made result is the fruit of a fantastic collaboration between my vision as a lighting designer and the honed technical expertise of LEC. They understand the subject, match it with one or two products, and know what will work on the ground.

Florence guided me towards the appropriate collection, and helped me find the right device and most energy-efficient optics, while respecting the original idea and requirements.

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In 1977, LEC decided to focus all its attention on LED technology. These decades of dedicated expertise have allowed the company to meet strict requirements in terms of reliability, efficiency, maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Relive with us 40 historic years devoted to LED technology and the lighting industry.

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