• Every project matters! Montagny church can be seen from miles around
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Every project matters!

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Whether it’s a large-scale project like the Eiffel Tower, Grand Hôtel Dieu in Lyon or the Taj Mahal or a straightforward project to illuminate a small village church, LEC is fully is fully invested in the project, right down to the smallest detail.

The village of Montagny-les-Lanches (with fewer than 1,000 residents), a few miles from Annecy, lies on a small hill overlooking the surrounding countryside. The perfect position for an illuminated village church, which can serve as an illuminated landmark for the entire surrounding area.
The designer settled on the CLEM (5651) lightbars, nine of which would be used to illuminate the building.

On the big day, despite various challenges, including changeable weather conditions, the nine lightbars were installed and fixed in their respective positions and connected to the network, so that, as night fell, it was possible to make the necessary adjustments.
The adjustments and programming were carried out “LIVE”, with the village mayor and three of his elected representatives, accompanied by an LEC technician.
First, the orientation of the various lightbars was adjusted to evenly distribute the light all over the building (see photos opposite).

Next, it was time to define the various shades to be used, depending on the occasion.
Finally, four different programmes were developed, including some aminated ones for use during festive seasons.

A well-managed collaboration between all those involved, earning LEC a much-appreciated mark of recognition.

Message received from the SYANE (Energy and Digital Development Union):

“I would like to thank you for your high-quality work, despite the challenges. The elected representatives and I are very satisfied with the result, the church looks great and can be seen from miles around.”


Designer: OMNILUM
SYANE Annecy
Installater: PORCHERON